St. James Catholic Church is a diverse and active parish community. With over 40 ministries, we surely have a place for you and your talents and interests here in our wonderful parish.

All of our ministries have their own missions and goals, but they all lead us along on the same path: to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. All of our ministries have the Holy Trinity at their core and are here in the parish and community to bring us closer to God, or even lead us back when we have gone astray. St. James Church enjoys having incredibly active ministries to help us on our spiritual journeys as part of a community.

We warmly welcome those who want to share their talents with the parish and wider community. Contact information for each ministry is listed at this back of this booklet.

You have a purpose on this Earth — and we have a place for you here at St. James!

Faith Formation
Fellowship Ministries
Leadership & Service Ministries
Outreach Ministries
Spiritual Ministries
St. James School
Worship & Liturgy Ministries
Youth Ministries

Already a part of a ministry at St. James and need to check the ministry schedule? Click here!