These organizations are generally made up of parishioners who are appointed by the pastor. They create the backbone of the church to ensure St. James lives on well into the future and continues growing.


Festival Committee develops plans and projects for the annual church festival for the success and enjoyment of the parish. Contact: Linda & Augie Kay | 830-305-1204 |

Finance Council is made up of members selected by the pastor who prepare and oversee the church’s budget and financial stability of the parish.
Contact: Mike Higley | 210-219-8057 |

Money Counters are a trusted group of volunteers chosen by the pastor to count the parish collections each week after Mass. Please contact the parish office for more information.

Pastoral Council supports the pastor and parish staff by recommending and implementing spiritual activities and social functions in the parish. Potential council members are nominated by current Pastoral Council members and are selected by the pastor.
Contact: Jackie Etlinger | 210-844-0516 |

Property Management Committee is made up of parish volunteers who assist the pastor with church property management. They examine existing property conditions, develop short-term and long-term property plans, and advise on maintenance and development of the church campus.
Contact: Charles Villeneuve | 830-379-8632 |