News: Updates from the Finance Council & Archdiocese

The parish office will be closed Monday, May 31st, in observance of the Memorial Day holiday.


  • The Archdiocese issued a COVID-19 update encouraging those who are not vaccinated to continue wearing masks while indoors and around others, and social distancing measures are encouraged but no longer required. If you are feeling ill or are symptomatic, you are encouraged to stay home. Read the latest COVID-19 protocol updates from Archbishop Gustavo here.
  • Sunday Mass obligation is reinstated as of Pentecost Sunday, May 23, 2021Read the full decree here.
  • Mass livestreams at St. James will discontinue after this weekend.


Over the past few weeks, Fr. Stan has mentioned the Church financial situation at Masses and asked for your prayers and support. The attached charts will be presented this weekend at all Masses with a short discussion. The discussion this weekend may help to clear up misinformation or miscommunication presented earlier. We want to assure you that our School is NOT in danger—rather it is growing. And our Church is not closing now or anytime in the future. We have been challenged during the Pandemic with reduced giving, for a variety of reasons, just like many parishes. But our St. James community is much bigger and stronger than any person, place or thing that challenges us. Stay tuned in the bulletin and online for more information about how you can help. Every ministry is hoping to see you back in church for Mass, rejoining the St. James community you know, love and have supported all these years, when you are comfortable doing so. 

Thanks in advance for your support,
Mike Higley
Finance Minister


  1. Impacts of our shortfall in the Offertory and Donations:
    1. Cash and savings balances have declined
    2. School subsidy $8,333/month suspended (May and June ONLY!)
    3. Overdrawn at the bank twice in past six weeks
    4. Had to dip into investment accounts to meet expenses $75,000 to date
  2. What to do?
    1. Pray
    2. Encourage financial participation among those not yet back to Church Mass
    3. Encourage more bank draft and online giving sign ups for contributions
  3. Things to be thankful for:
    1. The health of our St. James Community
    2. Our virtual festival income this past year
    3. The PPP funds received by the Church and School
Join us for the Feast of Corpus Christi Procession and an evening of Eucharistic Adoration!

As we come together as the Body of Christ, join Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller on Saturday June 5th at San Fernando Cathedral.

5:00 p.m. Mass at San Fernando Cathedral
6:00 p.m. Eucharistic Procession & Candlelight Eucharistic Adoration until midnight

Procession will be around the Main Plaza, followed by Eucharistic Adoration in front of San Fernando Cathedral. There will be public prayer, music, rose petals and candlelight. We hope you will “Come to Me” and give public witness to the entire world, of Jesus Full and Real Presence, in The Most Holy Eucharist!

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